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All of you and our lovely game Battlegrounds Mobile India has been launched in India, you can download this game very easily from Google Play Store and there are many people who are playing this game by downloading it now but  They are having a lot of problem of damage inside the Battleground Mobile India game, so in today's article, I will tell you how you can increase the damage inside the Battleground Mobile India game, so read this article completely.


Features in This Setting:

• High Damage 
• Magic Bullet 
• Aim Lock 
• Aim Bot
• No Recoil 
• No Lag 

About BGMI:

BGMI is an online multiplayer Battle Royal game. This game is made by  South Korea company  Krafton. Within this game you will get to see different modes like Classic Mode TDM Mode War Mode etc.  Due to the slight twist, you can play any turn, in the classic mode of this game, a total of 100 players are landed on an island with the help of an aeroplane and after that the player can go inside the house and use the gun and the game.  Things like bag grenade energy drink made kid etc. are looted and taken from inside the house. It is a half-hour match. A circle of half-hour runs inside the game which keeps getting shorter with time and  Brings a pass to the players so that 100 players fight amongst themselves and all the players keep fighting until Zone is over. The last 1 player left is called the winner of the game, which we call Winner Winner Chicken Dinner,  A total of 8 players are Play in TDM mode, with 4 people on one side and 4 people on one side.  The team of 40 kills the first one and becomes the winner of the game. To play this game you will have Android 5 + Mobile Required and at the same time you will need a good internet connection and 2GB of storage inside that mobile.

new crates and gun clothes are given to their Game etc. from time to time within this game, as well as new modes are also given from time to time inside the update so that  That the player likes to play the game even more and that is why this game is liked so much.