All Settings For Bgmi 1.5 - Battlegrounds Mobile India

Hey Guys In This Article I Will Told You About Best Free Fire 1.64.1 Settings, If You Apply This Settings Then You Can Win Every Match Of Free Fire. You Can Also Push Tier.

How To Apply ?

1. First Open Z Archiver Application and Go Download Folder.

2. Uninstall Original App & Install New App Of Free Fire.

4. Open Z Archiver and Copy Obb File.

3. Then Go Android>Obb>com.dts.freefire and Paste Obb File Here.

4. Now Close All Backgrounds Application and Start Your Game.

5. If You Have Any Problem Please Contact us: 

About Bgmi: 

Bgmi is an online multiplayer game. Different types of twists are given inside this game. We can join and play with our friends inside this game.

To play the game, we have to make a team of 4 people in which we can play our game.  You can add friends or any outsiders, after making a team, you have to select which match you will play, the classic match and class squad is the most famous inside the game, inside this game you will also get different types of characters  It is seen that it becomes even easier to play the game and enjoy it. When you start the game in Nashik, you are landed on the island through a ship, from where you will get weapons from inside the houses.  And items used in the game like energy drinks, smoke bombs, etc. have to be picked up.  The work of all these items comes inside the game, let us tell you that there are many types of guns inside the game, you can play the game with your favorite gun.  Free Fire game is made by a company named Garena, on 20 November 2017 this game was brought on Google Play Store, since then people have been crazy about this game.